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't want to take the president out. >>> plus, exclusive with president obama chef, sam cass. what's k k k k k k k k k k k k k >>> it was always one of oprah's most epic episodes, her favorite things. >> you got a car. and you got a car. too much? >> all right. that was good. >> all right. well, now you can get a few of oprah's favorite things as well, right, renee? >> from furniture to fine article, now, you can own a little bit of oprah's world. >> oprah packing up, cleaning house, auctioning off 600 of her formerly favorite things. what's up for grabs? this 18th century cabinet, opening at 7500. and just think of the pillow talk on this couch. starting bid, 1500. >> you're going to get years and years of mileage out of the stories that are going to be told over this sofa. >> all the worldly furnishings from oprah's home, proceeds going to the girls academy in africa. the auctioning happening tomorrow in california. how you can get in on the action at >>> now, one of oprah's favorite people, cory booker, the former newark, new jersey, mayor just sworn into the u.s. senate by v
that i would this week, can israel rely on obama a very good question. but before we get into this week's program, jack said he had a good humorous joke for us that will lift our heart a little bit because so much is serious out there. now jack, what is it this time? oh rexella, a canadian brother sent me this and i roared when i read it. and it was about an elderly man in his 70's who couldn't hear anymore. so he went to an ear specialist and he worked on him for a few hours and put on him the most expensive set of hearing aids that money could buy. and he said, boy i can already hear better. he said, well you come back in a month and tell me how the family like it. he came back a month later and he said, how did they like it? he sd, know that i had new hearing aids and that i could hear. i played dumb for four weeks so i could hear what they were saying about me. and he said i've changed my will three different times. [laughter] well rexella, i've always had good ears and i've changed mine too. hallelujah! [laughter] oh jack that is a good one. believe me. thank you. you know he likes
plays michelle obama was asked to play oprah and she did a great job. take a look at the sketch and then we'll continue chatting. >> well, in that case, i will leave and in few minutes oprah will be here. >> thank you, mrs. obama. >> the producers at "saturday night live" would like to apologize to kerry washington for the number of black women she will be asked to play. we made these requests to both because ms. washington is an actress of considerable range and talent and also because "snl" does not have a black woman. >> i'm here! >> wendy: as a woman of a particular size it must have been refreshing when oprah was portrayed as a thinner woman than what she is. that is the first thing i noticed. kerry did a really great job. we love her on "scandal" but it's fun to see her step out of the box and be really funny and beautiful and pregnant and happy and a newlywed and all of that stuff. good for you, kerry washington. and "saturday night live," you know -- [ applause ] >> wendy: it is kind of whack you have only had four or five black women in your cast since the beginning of
obama's start up partnership. i came in second for the veterans of foreign wars voice of democracy contest. i was voted a community member of the year by the autism society. >> we built him up, so who is he and what does this teen do? >> i'm an entry prenear, a philanthropist. i'm somebody who wants to use technology to make the world a better place. >> when i was younger, i had a cousin diagnosed with autism. i saw that she was astro sized and alienated in our student environment. it was that students who wanted to be my cousin's friend didn't know how. they didn't understand autism. they didn't understand how to be a friend with someone who had autism and didn't understand her behaviors. that was the impetus to start autism ambassadors. if i knew what was happening to her, was a happeni all around the world. >> he jen listed professional help for the program. >> it started with my teaming up with a licensed clinical psychologist and writing a currulum, so writing all these different lessons that teach basic skills. zack said his system is easy. >> we use an entirely free curricul
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4